Week Review

18.04.2012 – 25.04.2012

Let´s get it started!

Last week we created our first own blog! How exciting! First of all, we divided and assigned the tasks for every blog member. We began to explore wordpress, as we didn´t have any experiece with posting and blogging.

After some days, every group member has already posted their first blog entry about Zara. We also uploaded our some descriptions about us, the authors.
Moreover, we have discussed the theme and the layout of our blog and arranged it in a new, more innovative, way.
Last but not least, we thought about new topics for out next blog posts.
Check it out next week!!
26.04.2012 – 02.05.2012
New plans and interesting ideas!
In our weekly group meeting we prepared a mindmap about our realized blog posts and the ones that will follow, in order to organize and structure our blog. In this respect, we thought about new topics, that could interest us and our readers. We came to the result, that the case study of 7-Eleven Japan would be very interesting, Julia is especially interested in 7-Eleven Japan as a franchising company and Rose will be concerned with the applied technology.
In addition, we exchanged our experience with HTML and tried to help each other to improve our knowledge and abilities in this context.
So have a look on our exciting next week´s topic: 7-Eleven Japan!
29.05.2012 – 05.06.2012

Deepen the topic!

This week, we focused on finding ideas for interesting topics that are ample enough to deepen them during the next four weeks. Some of us, have already figured out exciting themes, for example: outsourcing to Asia, teambuilding in companies and the manager´s task to create a communication and development-friendly work environment, or the transformation of companies to more ecological friendly production processes. All the next blog post will try to spotlight important issues not only from a consumer perspective, but also from the one of a manager.

We will coordinate and manage the work division by using the task-management program “asana”, which helps to gain a good overview over the things to do. Moreover, we created a new mindmap on the last weeks` blog posts.

So, let´s see the world trough the eyes of managers!


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