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How about some CHANGE?

21 May

Last week we discussed in class change management. How important this is in our lives, in our businesses and actually almost everywhere. We had two examples, Soutwest Airlines and 7-Eleven Japan, which showed that change management is very crucial and successful. 

However not just in business change is a fundamental part, also in our lives change is even more necessary than important. For example after school we go to college and therefore we live in a different city, we have a new flat, new surroundings and a new time lapse. All those changes make us more self-consistent and give us more experience and that is why they are necessary. However in the beginning it is probably not easy, actually it is very hard to change.

So we can see that change management is very important in our lives and also in businesses, but I still questioned myself: why? Why is change so important in businesses?

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“Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven”

7 May

7-Eleven is one of the most famous convenience store chains all over the world. As a store, where you can find a solution for any of your daily problems, 7-Eleven has some impressive policies which led them to success. One of the most fundamental characteristics of 7-Eleven is their customer satisfaction.

In this post I want to introduce to you some principles of the 7-Eleven on the example of the 7-Eleven Japan (SEJ).

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Tell me your favourite airline! And I’ll tell you mine…

3 May

Imagine the following:

This is your first trip to California. It is a long flight, but you are excited. You have bought a new bikini and sun protection. You are ready to go! You’ve already made the long flight, you get off the plain, and you are waiting for your luggage…and you are waiting for your luggage…and you are still waiting for your luggage…”We are very sorry! Your luggage is still at Frankfurt Airport but we will send it to you as fast as possible!” Continue reading

Good- Better- Best: ~ How Southwest Airlines could outrun its competitors and become the embodiment of Excellence ~

2 May

When I spent one year in the United States of America, I first discovered what team spirit actually means. Every Friday afternoon the whole High School met in the gym to encourage the football players to do their best at the game which followed just a few hours later. Everyone was yelling and screaming as loud as possible because at this moment on the football field the team represented the whole school. And our mission statement always was: “Good-Better-Best, our good is better, our better is best!”

Now, that I have read the Building Business Agility at Southwest Airlines case study, I figured that you can apply a lot of this mission statement to the philosophy and development strategy of Southwest Airlines. In the beginning they were good and made high profits implying as little technology as possible but then competitors showed up on the market and they had to change strategies to become better than any other airline to maintain their profits. Continue reading