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“It’s a job trying to get a job!”

18 Jun

Last week I got an email with the following sentence: “We are sorry, but unfortunately we already chose somebody else for this job!” Who does not know this kind of emails? Sometimes I think it is so hard to apply for a job and to actually get the job.

As students we have to apply a lot. We apply for internships, side jobs and later after finishing college we have to apply for our final job.

However, often when we get letter of refusal we do not know why? What did we wrong? We spent so much time on writing such a (what we think) good application and the only thing, what we get back is a “NO”. This can be very frustrating.

But what would you think about a solution for this problem? I think there are some myths about the recruiting process itself, which have to be corrected.

After a very impressive interview with Mr. John C. Davis, a Human Resources Management teacher, I want to show you what we, as the job candidates, really have to do in our applications and what key factors we have to consider to get the job we want.

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“Hire for Attitudes, train for Skills?”

11 Jun

In my last blog post “How to find the RIGHT people for your team?” I introduced some ways, how managers decide which people they are going to hire and which not. So I found out that you need “A-players” and “high-standard people” to build a creative and innovative team and to achieve your mission.

However, in one of my blog posts “Future without qualification” I wanted to know, whether qualification or skills are more important. After I did some research I got a whole different view of this topic. From qualification or skills I came to attitude or skills.

For this blog post I questioned myself, what is more important for the managers and the recruiters, attitude or skills? I found some very interesting opinions and answers on this question, which I will show you in the following.

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How to find the RIGHT people for your team?

4 Jun

Just one more week before the European Championship is going to start and the coach of the German team already chose the team members. He picked the members, who are going to play during the championship and therefore he also selected the ones, who are the best members for an effective and successful team!

However not just a coach has to chose the right people for his team, also a manager has to hire the right people for his company. In one of my last posts I talked about, if there is a future without qualification.

I really want to find out more about this topic and also show different views and opinions. So I thought about the view of a job candidate and a recruiter, but somehow Dr. Bruce Spear, my Business Application Teacher, helped me to get a whole different view, a manager’s view.

Nobody actually things about what he or she has to do when hiring people. When managers hire people they have to look for people, for creative teams, who will make their company more effective and successful.

Thus I questioned myself how do managers hire people to build creative teams for their company?

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Future without qualification?

13 May

I would like to tell you a story based on true facts (I only changed the names!). Some weeks ago a young man called Wladimir being 26 years old got hired by the CEO of intumo.ve, Mr. Koan.

Of course this does not seem to be special in any way for you. However Wladimir does not have any qualification. He did not finish any working education and did not study at a university, but he perfectly speaks German and Russian. Intumo.ve needed somebody who could translate and work as an interpreter for them.

One of intumo.ve’s employees introduced Wladimir to Mr. Koan and he hired him, but only on a 400Euro-job basis, because of his missing qualification. However, the most interesting fact of this story is that Mr. Koan said to Wladimir: “Listen Wladimir, right now I cannot give you a better job, because of your qualification. But if I will see that you want to do more and that you exert yourself for a higher job, I probably will be able to give you a better job!”

So I questioned myself is it possible to have a future without a qualification? Is this only an individual case or could this be a possibility more often in the future?

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