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3D technologies bring almost 7,000 people to remain silent On the “Man in Black”3 premiere in Berlin

15 May

The biggest 3D film premiere of all times took place in Berlin yesterday. Many prominent guests and over 6000 fans have come to premiere of “Man in Black 3”. However, for the first time the film was broadcast in 3D. It was fantastic! Sony and the filmmakers can be proud of their work, because the movie is very well done.

Actually I am not a fan of si fi films, but I am a fan of Will Smith and 3D. Not only that the most awaited movie star has taken time for his fans. He seemed relaxed and in a good mood. He joked to reporters that his ears will look huge in 3D, what makes him very sympathetic. But I was there to see the film. My expectations were exceeded. The movie was funny, exciting, with lots of action, and of course a happy ending. Continue reading