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How to find the RIGHT people for your team?

4 Jun

Just one more week before the European Championship is going to start and the coach of the German team already chose the team members. He picked the members, who are going to play during the championship and therefore he also selected the ones, who are the best members for an effective and successful team!

However not just a coach has to chose the right people for his team, also a manager has to hire the right people for his company. In one of my last posts I talked about, if there is a future without qualification.

I really want to find out more about this topic and also show different views and opinions. So I thought about the view of a job candidate and a recruiter, but somehow Dr. Bruce Spear, my Business Application Teacher, helped me to get a whole different view, a manager’s view.

Nobody actually things about what he or she has to do when hiring people. When managers hire people they have to look for people, for creative teams, who will make their company more effective and successful.

Thus I questioned myself how do managers hire people to build creative teams for their company?

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