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Green Industry from many points of view

15 Jun

First of all, what exactly is “green industry”?

On many blogs, you can find a lot of definitions that define “green industry” mainly as any activity or service that performs at least one of the following:

· Generating renewable energy

· Recycling existing materials

· Energy efficient product manufacturing, construction, installation, and maintenance

· Education, compliance and awareness

· Natural and sustainable product manufacturing Continue reading


He didn´t walk over to the east side of campus…

8 Jun

Criticism on the “Limits to Growth”

In my last post, I wrote about the shift of industry to “green products” and sustainable growth, as a reaction on the publication “The Limits to Growth” in 1972.

However, this book has not only been praised, it was also criticized strongly and provoked a big debate on the topics like limitations, scarce resources and the overshooting growth.

One of the main arguments of the opponents was that the publication was not scientific and detailed enough and therefore not accurate, because of the ignorance of other economic models and assumptions. As a consequence, opponents argued that the computer model, that the author used to run the scenarios of possible future developments, was misleading. Continue reading

CSR – from a manager’s point of view

7 Jun

When first being confronted with corporate social responsibility, I thought that a firm’s sustainability approaches restrict their ability to maximize profits. However, I learned that CSR can actually contribute to better innovation and development within a firm as I stated in my last blog post about CSR. Now, I want to have a closer look on that aspect!

  • What do managers think about CSR programs?
  • Is it in their personal interest?
  • Can their firm be profitable while spending enormous amounts of money on CSR strategies?
  • Is it solely for a better reputation? Continue reading

Egological renovation through future-oriented industry

1 Jun

Need of sustainable industry

Three weeks ago I wrote the blog post “The future of our world…” describing the basic ideas of the Club of Rome, to name some key aspects, it was concerned with the limits to growth. However growth does not necessarily lead to collapse and horror-scenarios. “Collapse follows growth only if the growth has led to overshoot, to an expansion in demands on the plant´s sources” (Book: Limits to Growth, The 30 Year Update). So what is happening now is that “human resource use is currently some 20 percent above the global carrying capacity” (Book: Limits to Growth, The 30 Year Update), to put it in other words, world´s population uses more resources up than the world can bear to be sustainable. Continue reading

How about some CHANGE?

21 May

Last week we discussed in class change management. How important this is in our lives, in our businesses and actually almost everywhere. We had two examples, Soutwest Airlines and 7-Eleven Japan, which showed that change management is very crucial and successful. 

However not just in business change is a fundamental part, also in our lives change is even more necessary than important. For example after school we go to college and therefore we live in a different city, we have a new flat, new surroundings and a new time lapse. All those changes make us more self-consistent and give us more experience and that is why they are necessary. However in the beginning it is probably not easy, actually it is very hard to change.

So we can see that change management is very important in our lives and also in businesses, but I still questioned myself: why? Why is change so important in businesses?

Continue reading

Economic cooperation and development: Everyone can help to improve the situation!

19 May

After leaving my secondary school, I was wondering what to do with my future life. To get to know another life, culture and reality I decided to do a gap year in Nicaragua. When working in the social organization IMC (Instituto Mujer y Comunidad), I got to know a lot of people living in very poor conditions. One of them was Maria Francis Rodriguez Jose who told me about her life full of problems. Continue reading

Blessing or Curse? Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport

16 May

“Berlin Can’t Get It Up.” That was the front-page headline on last Wednesday’s edition of the Berlin-based daily “Die Tageszeitung”. And it provides a brief summary of the initial reactions of many people upon learning that the new German capital airport would not open as planned on June 3.

Airport officials and regional politicians announced the delay on last Tuesday (05-08-2012), saying that ongoing tests on the facility’s fire safety equipment would not be finished in time. A new date for the airport’s opening was not immediately set, though Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit suggested a target date sometime in August. “This was more than a nasty surprise,” said Matthias Platzeck, governor of the state of Brandenburg. “I am not concealing that I am livid. Such a surprise is simply unacceptable so close to the opening.”

These are hard words if you consider that not even two month ago Klaus Wowereit said that: “The airport is the most important project for the economic development and growth of the region” when he introduced the one million-euro marketing campaign “Willy Brandt begrüßt die Welt” in march this year. Continue reading