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“It’s a job trying to get a job!”

18 Jun

Last week I got an email with the following sentence: “We are sorry, but unfortunately we already chose somebody else for this job!” Who does not know this kind of emails? Sometimes I think it is so hard to apply for a job and to actually get the job.

As students we have to apply a lot. We apply for internships, side jobs and later after finishing college we have to apply for our final job.

However, often when we get letter of refusal we do not know why? What did we wrong? We spent so much time on writing such a (what we think) good application and the only thing, what we get back is a “NO”. This can be very frustrating.

But what would you think about a solution for this problem? I think there are some myths about the recruiting process itself, which have to be corrected.

After a very impressive interview with Mr. John C. Davis, a Human Resources Management teacher, I want to show you what we, as the job candidates, really have to do in our applications and what key factors we have to consider to get the job we want.

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Let’s do it together!

23 May

When I first read that we have an assignment on group work this week, I thought this must be pretty simple because We all have been doing group work for all my life. It starts in kindergarten when you first learn to be in a group with other children of your age and goes on in school and also un university. In every field of our daily lives we imply group work not only for educational purposes. Nobody is perfect, so we try to gather information from all different kinds of sources to come as close to perfection as possible and what group work also means is that you are dividing work between many people so that not one person is doing everything but everyone is doing part of it. That’s what I have always thought of group work, it’s a nice way to get to know other people’s opinion and to see a problem from a different angle and maybe get inspired by it and think further. Continue reading