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I like it franchise!

9 May

I have already been to different 7Eleven stores, not Japan but in the USA and I really like this kind of stores because you can everything there. When I made a car trip through the states, I always bought my breakfast there. From the outside it looks like a little “Tante Emma Laden” but when you go inside, it’s all modern and you can get everything you want. But the best was that you could find such a store in every little town, so I was really surprised when I read that Japan has the most 7Eleven stores in the world even though it is a so much smaller country.

But what interested me the most was the franchise strategy of 7Eleven Japan because I have heard the word “franchise” so many times before and I knew that it is a business model but thinking more about it brought me to the conclusion that I don’t really know what franchise is or what it means, so I first asked some of my group members whether they know what “franchise” means. They thought a little bit about my question but could not give me a satisfying answer. Most of them didn’t know it either and another one said that she knows what it is but cannot explain it in a proper way. She only knew that Mc Donalds is a franchise company because she works there. So I thought that this must be something very difficult to figure out and I started researching on that topic. Continue reading