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ZARA- Fast Fashion as unhealthy as Fast Food?

22 Apr

Before I started researching about Zara, I first thought about what I already know about it and came to the conclusion that it was not much. I have been to Zara stores several times but I could not remember that I have ever bought anything there. Neither, I have ever made up my mind about how Zara really works and what they marketing strategies are so that Zara can keep up or even outrun its competitors.

So when I read the “Dutta” case study what interested me the most was that Zara only needs 30 days from seeing a new trend on the catwalk to have new clothes produced and ready in their stores. Which leads Zara to having more sales at full prices and fewer discounts. Therefore, the bigg Continue reading


“Gosh, I have seen this incredibly cute jacket at Zara. I think I’ll have to buy it. It would just fit so well to the blue shoes I have bought last week!”

21 Apr

 An example of Zara’s sustainable production myth

During my very first research on Zara, one of the greatest international companies belonging to Inditex, I found out that 80 per cent of their production is located within Europe. I was very impressed how they can afford to have their facilities so close by and still keep their prices down. Also it made me think that Zara must be more sustainable than their competitors like Gap or H&M. I found it just fantastic that apparently they do not have long transportation routes and keep their ecological footprint small. Continue reading