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“The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife!”

14 Jun

Recycling-one of the may simplest ways to contribute to a better environment. For some it’s cumbersome, for some it’s natural and for some it’s business.

Sustainability within firms has gained more and more interest within the last years. If firms want to differentiate their products from similar brands, they try to do something special, something good, something in the actual customer’s interest. Continue reading


CSR – from a manager’s point of view

7 Jun

When first being confronted with corporate social responsibility, I thought that a firm’s sustainability approaches restrict their ability to maximize profits. However, I learned that CSR can actually contribute to better innovation and development within a firm as I stated in my last blog post about CSR. Now, I want to have a closer look on that aspect!

  • What do managers think about CSR programs?
  • Is it in their personal interest?
  • Can their firm be profitable while spending enormous amounts of money on CSR strategies?
  • Is it solely for a better reputation? Continue reading

By new experiences to success

5 Jun

This week I want to consider a new topic: how do I become a good manager? I believe that every person is a manager. We all have to organize our time, whether for cooking or eating, bathing or sleeping. But I’m going to deal with the manager as a career. There are many different tasks confronting managers. One of the responsibilities is to keep the workers satisfied, happy and motivated to work hard. Sounds like a challenge, but is it really so difficult?

Continue reading

Egological renovation through future-oriented industry

1 Jun

Need of sustainable industry

Three weeks ago I wrote the blog post “The future of our world…” describing the basic ideas of the Club of Rome, to name some key aspects, it was concerned with the limits to growth. However growth does not necessarily lead to collapse and horror-scenarios. “Collapse follows growth only if the growth has led to overshoot, to an expansion in demands on the plant´s sources” (Book: Limits to Growth, The 30 Year Update). So what is happening now is that “human resource use is currently some 20 percent above the global carrying capacity” (Book: Limits to Growth, The 30 Year Update), to put it in other words, world´s population uses more resources up than the world can bear to be sustainable. Continue reading

Let’s get motivated for change!!!

17 May

How do I motivate myself? Under what conditions am I willing to work hard? Is it just for a good grade or for myself? Do I work hard to impress the professor? Or am I concerned about what my future job will be? Do I want to earn a lot of money? What makes me move personally? And what’s about change? Am I able to adapt to personal changes as well as changes concerning my business environment?
These are all questions that I’ve been asking myself and my friends recently. It’s not always easy to deal with changing condition; be it a new professor that demands a lot from you or a new living situation. Life always changes, and we frequently need to adapt to it. Finding our personal motivation to deal with changes can be applied to our professional motivation as well.

So let’s transfer the personal adaptation troubles to a higher level:
Change Management within a company! Continue reading

24/7 shops shopping paradise or horror?

8 May

Just imagine: It is Sunday- you have invited friends over for dinner.
Of course you were buying groceries Saturday. But on Sunday morning you realize you forgot to buy the spaghetti and your friends just love spaghetti with a glass of red wine. But unfortunately it’s Sunday and all shops are closed. In such moments you start to wonder why don´t we have a 24 hour shopping paradise in Germany?
Wouldn´t be nice and convenient to go shopping whenever you want?
Surely it would be so! But there are people who are against it. Continue reading