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24/7 shops shopping paradise or horror?

8 May

Just imagine: It is Sunday- you have invited friends over for dinner.
Of course you were buying groceries Saturday. But on Sunday morning you realize you forgot to buy the spaghetti and your friends just love spaghetti with a glass of red wine. But unfortunately it’s Sunday and all shops are closed. In such moments you start to wonder why don´t we have a 24 hour shopping paradise in Germany?
Wouldn´t be nice and convenient to go shopping whenever you want?
Surely it would be so! But there are people who are against it. Continue reading


“Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven”

7 May

7-Eleven is one of the most famous convenience store chains all over the world. As a store, where you can find a solution for any of your daily problems, 7-Eleven has some impressive policies which led them to success. One of the most fundamental characteristics of 7-Eleven is their customer satisfaction.

In this post I want to introduce to you some principles of the 7-Eleven on the example of the 7-Eleven Japan (SEJ).

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Tell me your favourite airline! And I’ll tell you mine…

3 May

Imagine the following:

This is your first trip to California. It is a long flight, but you are excited. You have bought a new bikini and sun protection. You are ready to go! You’ve already made the long flight, you get off the plain, and you are waiting for your luggage…and you are waiting for your luggage…and you are still waiting for your luggage…”We are very sorry! Your luggage is still at Frankfurt Airport but we will send it to you as fast as possible!” Continue reading