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Lean management

19 Jun

Many people want to achieve much through little effort and there is nothing wrong with it. Because time is valuable and you have to use the time efficiently. Through small changes in the everyday life, we get much more than by radical changes. For example: people who have no time to exercise, but really want it can make use of interval training.

“High-intensity interval training is twice as effective as normal exercise,” said Jan Helgerud. It also saves a lot of time because it is much shorter than the normal training.

And for successful companies lean management is the right thing.

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By new experiences to success

5 Jun

This week I want to consider a new topic: how do I become a good manager? I believe that every person is a manager. We all have to organize our time, whether for cooking or eating, bathing or sleeping. But I’m going to deal with the manager as a career. There are many different tasks confronting managers. One of the responsibilities is to keep the workers satisfied, happy and motivated to work hard. Sounds like a challenge, but is it really so difficult?

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How about some CHANGE?

21 May

Last week we discussed in class change management. How important this is in our lives, in our businesses and actually almost everywhere. We had two examples, Soutwest Airlines and 7-Eleven Japan, which showed that change management is very crucial and successful. 

However not just in business change is a fundamental part, also in our lives change is even more necessary than important. For example after school we go to college and therefore we live in a different city, we have a new flat, new surroundings and a new time lapse. All those changes make us more self-consistent and give us more experience and that is why they are necessary. However in the beginning it is probably not easy, actually it is very hard to change.

So we can see that change management is very important in our lives and also in businesses, but I still questioned myself: why? Why is change so important in businesses?

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Let’s get motivated for change!!!

17 May

How do I motivate myself? Under what conditions am I willing to work hard? Is it just for a good grade or for myself? Do I work hard to impress the professor? Or am I concerned about what my future job will be? Do I want to earn a lot of money? What makes me move personally? And what’s about change? Am I able to adapt to personal changes as well as changes concerning my business environment?
These are all questions that I’ve been asking myself and my friends recently. It’s not always easy to deal with changing condition; be it a new professor that demands a lot from you or a new living situation. Life always changes, and we frequently need to adapt to it. Finding our personal motivation to deal with changes can be applied to our professional motivation as well.

So let’s transfer the personal adaptation troubles to a higher level:
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