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The power of ideas – A start-up business in Berlin

25 May

Last week I wrote about agricultural start-up businesses in the third-world, in Nicaragua. So this week I would like to focus on a local business idea in Berlin that is pretty new and came up short time ago.

Due to the ever growing petrol prices, more and more people decide to go by bike rather than use a car. Therefore bicycling plays an increasing role as a means of transport, over all in cities, for more and more people. The idea of the start-up company “Fahrer” was to individualize bicycling, to make cycles be eyecatchers. But the products of “Fahrer” should not only be individual, but also provide more comfort for bikers and support their mobility. Continue reading


Future without qualification?

13 May

I would like to tell you a story based on true facts (I only changed the names!). Some weeks ago a young man called Wladimir being 26 years old got hired by the CEO of intumo.ve, Mr. Koan.

Of course this does not seem to be special in any way for you. However Wladimir does not have any qualification. He did not finish any working education and did not study at a university, but he perfectly speaks German and Russian. Intumo.ve needed somebody who could translate and work as an interpreter for them.

One of intumo.ve’s employees introduced Wladimir to Mr. Koan and he hired him, but only on a 400Euro-job basis, because of his missing qualification. However, the most interesting fact of this story is that Mr. Koan said to Wladimir: “Listen Wladimir, right now I cannot give you a better job, because of your qualification. But if I will see that you want to do more and that you exert yourself for a higher job, I probably will be able to give you a better job!”

So I questioned myself is it possible to have a future without a qualification? Is this only an individual case or could this be a possibility more often in the future?

Continue reading

24/7 shops shopping paradise or horror?

8 May

Just imagine: It is Sunday- you have invited friends over for dinner.
Of course you were buying groceries Saturday. But on Sunday morning you realize you forgot to buy the spaghetti and your friends just love spaghetti with a glass of red wine. But unfortunately it’s Sunday and all shops are closed. In such moments you start to wonder why don´t we have a 24 hour shopping paradise in Germany?
Wouldn´t be nice and convenient to go shopping whenever you want?
Surely it would be so! But there are people who are against it. Continue reading