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How about some CHANGE?

21 May

Last week we discussed in class change management. How important this is in our lives, in our businesses and actually almost everywhere. We had two examples, Soutwest Airlines and 7-Eleven Japan, which showed that change management is very crucial and successful. 

However not just in business change is a fundamental part, also in our lives change is even more necessary than important. For example after school we go to college and therefore we live in a different city, we have a new flat, new surroundings and a new time lapse. All those changes make us more self-consistent and give us more experience and that is why they are necessary. However in the beginning it is probably not easy, actually it is very hard to change.

So we can see that change management is very important in our lives and also in businesses, but I still questioned myself: why? Why is change so important in businesses?

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I like it franchise!

9 May

I have already been to different 7Eleven stores, not Japan but in the USA and I really like this kind of stores because you can everything there. When I made a car trip through the states, I always bought my breakfast there. From the outside it looks like a little “Tante Emma Laden” but when you go inside, it’s all modern and you can get everything you want. But the best was that you could find such a store in every little town, so I was really surprised when I read that Japan has the most 7Eleven stores in the world even though it is a so much smaller country.

But what interested me the most was the franchise strategy of 7Eleven Japan because I have heard the word “franchise” so many times before and I knew that it is a business model but thinking more about it brought me to the conclusion that I don’t really know what franchise is or what it means, so I first asked some of my group members whether they know what “franchise” means. They thought a little bit about my question but could not give me a satisfying answer. Most of them didn’t know it either and another one said that she knows what it is but cannot explain it in a proper way. She only knew that Mc Donalds is a franchise company because she works there. So I thought that this must be something very difficult to figure out and I started researching on that topic. Continue reading

“Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven”

7 May

7-Eleven is one of the most famous convenience store chains all over the world. As a store, where you can find a solution for any of your daily problems, 7-Eleven has some impressive policies which led them to success. One of the most fundamental characteristics of 7-Eleven is their customer satisfaction.

In this post I want to introduce to you some principles of the 7-Eleven on the example of the 7-Eleven Japan (SEJ).

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