Mindmap from the 02.05.2012

This is our first Mindmap. Until now hitthenailonthetop consists of 4 topics: ZARA, Southwest Airline, Technology and Systems, and Art related to business. Besides our main topics we also figured out some sub-topics that already exist. We were already able to connect some sub-topics from different main topics, because they are the same. Maybe we can find differences but also similarities between them.

For the next week our focus will be on 7-11 Japan and its several interesting facts. So far we got very different interests and thoughts and I am so looking forward how this Mindmap and our thinking will develop!

Mindmap from the 30.05.2012

Today I posted the next version of our teamwork in a mindmap. As you can see we added some more topics to our blog: Change, New Ideas, Teams, Investment and OUR Future. Besides the posts for our new topics, we also wrote some posts, which still fit to some of our old topics.

Again we were able to connect some topics and posts to find similarities between them. That is why we also added some arrows between topics and posts.

I think it is very impressive to see how our process is developing. We write about many similar topics, but also very different topics, which makes it even more interesting to read our blog!

Mind map from the 29.06.2012

This is the last mind map and instead of putting all our new topics of our blog posts into the first and second mind map, I invented a new one. For the last 4 week Dr. Bruce Spear, our teacher, told us to expand one of our first topics and write 4 more blog posts about it. So we had to do more research and we tried to view the topics we chose from a lot of different views and opinions.

In my opinion it is great, how each of us chose a topic and developed 4 more interesting posts. I think it is amazing, how we developed our progress and our research. Compared to the beginning we were able to improve our work and our choosing of themes and topics.

Although we were not able to link all the topics together at the end, we really expanded on our topics and tried to develop a valuable and very well written set of work.


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