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He didn´t walk over to the east side of campus…

8 Jun

Criticism on the “Limits to Growth”

In my last post, I wrote about the shift of industry to “green products” and sustainable growth, as a reaction on the publication “The Limits to Growth” in 1972.

However, this book has not only been praised, it was also criticized strongly and provoked a big debate on the topics like limitations, scarce resources and the overshooting growth.

One of the main arguments of the opponents was that the publication was not scientific and detailed enough and therefore not accurate, because of the ignorance of other economic models and assumptions. As a consequence, opponents argued that the computer model, that the author used to run the scenarios of possible future developments, was misleading. Continue reading


“Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven”

7 May

7-Eleven is one of the most famous convenience store chains all over the world. As a store, where you can find a solution for any of your daily problems, 7-Eleven has some impressive policies which led them to success. One of the most fundamental characteristics of 7-Eleven is their customer satisfaction.

In this post I want to introduce to you some principles of the 7-Eleven on the example of the 7-Eleven Japan (SEJ).

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The basics of HTML

4 May

HTML… markups, web pages, angle brackets, elements, tags and so on… Do you also feel unable to cope with all the technology that is surrounding you?

Just have a look on the structured problem analysis and after that try to follow the first steps to learn HTML and CSS – It will help you! Continue reading

Great technology & wonderful system

1 May

The new technologies bring people forward. We can find it in many spheres of our social world of work- in hospitals, schools and at airports! Let´s take a closer look at the airports…

Every day thousands of people are landing at airports or departing- people with different mentalities and language. The airlines have to provide the best service to stick in customer’s memory, because satisfied customer will surely once again fly with the airline. One of the technological innovations that benefit the airlines is a self-check in service. This allows avoiding standing in queue and gives more time for shopping!

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