We proudly present:


Angelika, or how we call her, Angie, is our fashion icon and late sleeper. She loves brightful fingernails, old boots and coming too late to class. It is no surprise that you can find her working at an Italian fashion store in Charlottenburg every Friday. We hope her next blog entry won’t be late, though;)


Julia is a Swim Star and our Miss Sporty. This girl never misses a competition and is always very ambitious not only in the water but also on the solid ground of her daily life. Her home city Berlin is also her “City of Love”. But a part of her heart will always be in the United States in the state of Mississippi where she spent the most amazing 10 month of her life!


Melissa belongs to Music! However not just playing the piano and the trumpet is her favorite hobby. She loves hanging out with her friends and families, one in Germany and one in America, Kentucky, where Melissa spent one wonderful year. Travelling around the world and having fun are two of Melissa’s favorite things!


She is our dancing queen- you want to learn Salsa- call Rose. You want to have fun- call Rose; you want to go dance- call Rose; need tutoring in Maths- call Rose; want to learn bad words in Spanish– call Rose! She likes to bake muffins and you HAVE to try them they are delicious. Got to love Roses muffins!


Sabrina loves travelling and wants to get to know many places all over the world. That’s why she’s our expert for exotic countries as Nicaragua, where she lived for one year. But not only Latin America interests her a lot, but also east Europe, since her origin lies inPoland.

Responsibilities of individual group members:

Main week-in-reviews editor: sabrinacz

Bi-weekly commissions short reviews of the previous two week’s posts, and otherwise acts as the blogging group’s scribe.

Photo and video editor: angi2012

Takes the lead in collecting and posting additional photo collections and videos on your topics, updated every three weeks, and so adds depth to the enterprise.

Mind-mapper: melissano18

Leads mind map creation, every three weeks creates or other professional maps of your evolving topics, and keeps track of categories and tags to insure meaningful overviews and ease in drilling down into the pile.

Webmaster: rosepanama

Takes the lead in understanding user roles and creating users as contributors, selection of theme, widgets, and header photos, and overall is responsible for site design and functionality.

Group leader: hitthenail

Organizes the author page, updated every three weeks, insures that one new post appears each day of the week, posts the web site’s url to our Google Group and adds links to the other groups, and keeps the happy blogging ship afloat.

Authors: everyone

Responsible for developing his or her side of the group topic, posting on assigned days (switching, of course, welcome), and commenting on at least two posts each week.


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