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Disadvantages of lean management

26 Jun

In my last article I wrote about lean management and that this strategy is a great innovation for many reasons, and one of them is time saving. Well of course this is great, I do less and do get more time to do other things. But on the other hand I feel like I am always under pressure.  In the sense of I have more time for other things, so during the day I do a lot more, in the end I am busy the hole day. And I get this uncomfortable feeling- this will never end- which can lead to burn out (read more about this in Jules post).

From this perspective, I began to search for the disadvantages of lean management. For my essay in Work Business & Society I am reading “The Machine that changed the world” is a report that is written by Daniel T. Jones. I found really interesting disadvantages from the Japanese perspective.

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Lean management

19 Jun

Many people want to achieve much through little effort and there is nothing wrong with it. Because time is valuable and you have to use the time efficiently. Through small changes in the everyday life, we get much more than by radical changes. For example: people who have no time to exercise, but really want it can make use of interval training.

“High-intensity interval training is twice as effective as normal exercise,” said Jan Helgerud. It also saves a lot of time because it is much shorter than the normal training.

And for successful companies lean management is the right thing.

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A few facts about John Shook

12 Jun

In my last post I started to write about the role of the manager. In my introduction I presented NUMMI which was created by John Shook. The managers of NUMMI have managed to improve workers skills by sending them to Japan. The experience, the American labor made in Japanese company has helped to improve the way they worked. In this post I want to take a close look at the man who has made this possible. A man who believed in cooperation, teamwork and learning process- John Shook.

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By new experiences to success

5 Jun

This week I want to consider a new topic: how do I become a good manager? I believe that every person is a manager. We all have to organize our time, whether for cooking or eating, bathing or sleeping. But I’m going to deal with the manager as a career. There are many different tasks confronting managers. One of the responsibilities is to keep the workers satisfied, happy and motivated to work hard. Sounds like a challenge, but is it really so difficult?

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Tacheles: history continues!

29 May

If you like unusual art, then Tacheles is right for you. The house looks pretty run down, but there are the internal values. The art is extraordinary and interesting. And the artists are like their art. It is a pity that some do not appreciate the work of other.

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Art means immortality, but for what price?

22 May

Berlin is a great playground for artists of any kind. Be it filmmakers presenting their new movie (I wrote about last week), or artists who exhibit pictures. Many artists are trying their breakthrough, what Gerhard Richter has already succeeded.

 With his 80 years Gerhard Richter is one of the most famous German artists. At the exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin thousands of visitors could be convinced of his masterpiece. If you look at his work you wonder- how does he do it? And at this moment you can perhaps understand why his pictures are bought for over $ 16 million. Nevertheless the question arises should so much money be invested in a painting?

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3D technologies bring almost 7,000 people to remain silent On the “Man in Black”3 premiere in Berlin

15 May

The biggest 3D film premiere of all times took place in Berlin yesterday. Many prominent guests and over 6000 fans have come to premiere of “Man in Black 3”. However, for the first time the film was broadcast in 3D. It was fantastic! Sony and the filmmakers can be proud of their work, because the movie is very well done.

Actually I am not a fan of si fi films, but I am a fan of Will Smith and 3D. Not only that the most awaited movie star has taken time for his fans. He seemed relaxed and in a good mood. He joked to reporters that his ears will look huge in 3D, what makes him very sympathetic. But I was there to see the film. My expectations were exceeded. The movie was funny, exciting, with lots of action, and of course a happy ending. Continue reading