Tacheles: history continues!

29 May

If you like unusual art, then Tacheles is right for you. The house looks pretty run down, but there are the internal values. The art is extraordinary and interesting. And the artists are like their art. It is a pity that some do not appreciate the work of other.

                      Once a bailiff sealed the Tacheles rooms in March, it has now been reclaimed by the artists. But the condition is horrible; the exhibition of Amaru Cholango (New 5th floor gallery.) is completely destroyed. Who does that? Barbarian people who want expelled artist. Or is it just the investors and banks that would benefit from the bankruptcy of the house, of course, without the artist. It will only remember that exactly these artists brought the house an international reputation. Berlin writes history and tourists from all over the world come to Berlin to experience a piece of history. And Tacheles is definitely one of them.


Tacheles is located in the old Jewish quarter of East Berlin and was originally a department store in the early 20th century. In WW 2 the house was pelted by bombs, but by some miracle it survived. In 1990 it should be demolished, but it was occupied by artists called “Tacheles”. As you see that building has a long history and I hope this will continue.

Here you can see a beautiful exhibition at Tacheles:



4 Responses to “Tacheles: history continues!”

  1. sushi030 June 2, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    Hi Angi,

    First of all, you chose a very interesting and current topic! I’ve been to Tacheles many many times and I remember when I first discovered the world of this very unique place. My favorite place was the artistic backyard but when I went back there 3months ago they had already torn everything down.
    Thank you for providing the link and addressing such an important issue! Do you know what the most recent result of the discussion is? Are they still fighting or is it already a done deal that they will close it down??
    You gave a great introduction of the topic but I think there would be so much more to say about it. Maybe you could have added even more value to your post if you would have included discussions and different points of view on this matter!?
    Also, I love the photos you chose!
    I’m curious what your next post will be about – maybe even Tacheles II?

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. melissano18 June 4, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    Hey Angi,

    what an interesting topic! I haven’t been to this house before, but after reading your post I really think I have to go there. The pictures look so great and I agree that this is such an impressive work of art. It would be so horrible, if “Tacheles” would get destroyed!

    You introduced this topic very well to us by talking about the history and about the conflict. However, in my opinion I would love to know whether there is something the people could do to support “Tacheles”?

    I think your pictures are very supportive for your topic! Maybe you could have expand a little more on this topic! But all in all a very well written blog post!

    Great work, Angi!

    • angi2012 June 4, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

      Thanks Melissa,
      your question is great! First I wanted to write about it, but then decided not to. But thanks to you I can still add it. People all over the world do support Tacheles , no joke http://isupporttacheles.blogspot.de/
      you can do it also just sent an e-mail to the administrator petrov.ahner[@]yahoo.fr – you will get on you’re e-mail in jpg the “I SUPPORT TACHELES”-banner -print it out -take pictures with it -sent it to the administrator on jpg (300kb is enough) with you’re name and a link to you’re work if you wish. I think this is a very cool idea to help 😉
      There are many ways to help another one is financially.

  3. rosepanama June 4, 2012 at 10:00 pm #

    Hi Angie,

    Thanks for this post!
    I have to admit that I didn’t really understand what Tachles is after your introductory sentences. For someone like me who is not familiar with the topic it is hard to see what you are aiming for in this article.
    However, I see that you are very interested in art since you have already posted an entry about the Gerhard Richter exhibition (I also went there and it was great 🙂 )
    Maybe you can continue with the topic of art but then focus more on aspects like the profitability for the artists or the manager’s work for the artist. Or how to get to exhibit drawings and paintings once you have a bunch?

    Nevertheless, you have chosen some great pictures!!

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