28 May

Just married, but broke?

Last weekend I went to a wedding and I have to admit it was one of the most wonderful weddings I have been to: beautiful bride, emotional ceremony and just an amazing wedding. The bridal couple really can say that this was the most important and beautiful day in their life. However, the whole time I thought about how much money they invested for this day and if such an investment pays off?

In general the average cost of a wedding in Germany lies between 10000 and 20000 Euro. This includes everything starting with the ring and the bride’s dress and ending by the party itself. When you think about this, you start wondering if such an investment is worth to be spent. A lot of people think that it is crazy to spend so much money for one day.

So I talked to the bridal couple after the wedding and wanted to know how they were able to spend so much money and if they were worried about the price of everything. The answer was very interesting for me and showed two fascinating ways how you can fix the money-issue. First they said that the good thing is that they did not have to pay everything at once, which gives you more space considering when you have to pay what. For example the wedding dress is paid a lot earlier than the actual party containing food and drinks.

Another thing they said, which really caught my attention are the presents. Because of all the presents it could be that they get after the wedding all the money back, which they spent before. I have not really thought about this, but this really makes sense. A lot of guests are going to a wedding and all the guests bring a lot of presents and therefore money. Also, if you do not get all the money back you will still get a lot and it will help you to fix your finances after the wedding.

But still by considering some statistics which show the marriage rate by each country (number of marriages per 1000 people a year), Germany is number 14 with a rate of 6.5. So there are 6.5 marriages a year per 1000 people. This is really not a lot. In comparison the US is number 1 with a rate of 9.8. A lot of people do not get married because of the money. It is just too expensive and they cannot afford it, which you can understand considering the average price of 10000 Euro.

So what to do? Get married and have a wonderful, but expensive wedding or nothing at all?

In my opinion, of course, I want to have a wedding, a huge, wonderful and beautiful wedding. I surely recognize that this will be very expensive, but this is one of the most important days in our lives and you cannot say if this investment pays off or not.  For some people it might be too expensive and that is why they do not want to get married, but I think that actually a wedding should not depend on the money. A wedding depends on the love of two people and you will make your wedding beautiful, not matter if it is a huge investment or a small one. Enjoy the day and do not let money “decide” about the beauty of your wedding!


2 Responses to “JUST MARRIED, but BROKE?”

  1. angi2012 May 29, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    hi melissa,
    very nice article, I do like weddings as well 😉 I’ve also constantly wondered how expensive such a day is. After a couple of my friends got married I knew it- it´s very expensive. But it depends of course how big you want your wedding to be: just family and really close friends, or all your relatives and all your friends. I think it’s great that you have spoken with the bride and groom and have asked them about the wedding. But I would have liked more details. For example: how many guests, the location, some numbers and maybe a comparison with another wedding. I also think it’s good that you wrote your personal opinion. Great article!

  2. Fenja May 30, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    Nice post, Melissa!
    I think it was a clever idea to report on the economical side of a wedding. Most people, especially those who aren’t married yet, only see the romantic side of such an event. Given this, I find it great that you made us aware of the fact that this very special day also requires not insignificant financial support. You also did a good job at combining fact with your personal experiences. Good job!

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