Let’s get creative!

24 May

For this blog post idea I got inspired by one of my personal addictions: Fruit Ninja!!!
I suppose most of you know this really fun app where you have to cut all kinds of exotic fruits to get a high score. Actually, I blame my friend Sophia for making me addicted to this game. She introduced this ipone app to me one night we went out to have some drinks with our friends. After spending one hour not talking to any of them but with a score of 300, my other friend Jana turned to me and said: “I guess the inventor of Fruit Ninja is a millionaire by now!”

Apps as a business idea- I found that to be a very interesting topic to gather more information.

Do you have to be a technology genius to develop an app by yourself? And if you want to develop one, is there any application left that hasn’t been invented so far?

I mean, there are basically apps that help you to do anything. The blogger Mick states in his blog post that if you search on the internet you’ll find apps from checking out the weather for next weekend to managing your budget.
Moreover, he claims that it doesn’t need a computer application degree to convert your very own idea into a fancy app. His suggestion is to get an iphone app developer software that supports you with all necessary features to develop a great and unique business idea. Furthermore, he assures that becoming your own iphone app developer does not mean at all to be an expert in writing HTML codes or scripts. You probably just need some of the easy basics that Sabrina introduced to us in her “The basics of HTML“. So after taking this concern from you, you might want to know how it could be done, right?!

How to develop your first app:

According to Mike everyone can become an iphone app developer, if you just download the software development kit and get started. Please check out the video of RubyA1234 to get an easy introduction how to register on https://developer.apple.com/ and download the iphone app developer software.

Now, rybread421 explains how to create a very simple iphone application in his video:

However, now that we know that there actually is the possibility to create your own app. Where do we get our inspiration from? Are there any missing apps, anyways?

According to Mike there is always room for one more business idea. He suggests that you are doing best if you take a closer look at the trends of society. It’s not only teenager that are addicted to any kinds of game application but also serious business men and women who are constantly looking for new mobile app ideas to enhance their jobs.

What about using apps to develop your idea?

The SlapApp Team reports on the helpful Business Idea Manager app to support current and future entrepreneurs to record, track and qualify new business ideas. They present this app as a great tool for entrepreneurs that generate a lot of ideas. Let’s say you first just have a vague idea, then you are able to enter the name and a little description of your new business plan. Afterwards, you can add more and more details as you are getting a clearer picture. The SlapApp Team provides a list of the different features that the Business Idea Manger app provides:

  • Idea Profile-includes business need, vision, products and services
  • Market-includes marketing ideas, pricing, target customer profile etc.
  • Competition-includes differentiators and competitive assessment
  • Finance-includes startup capital requirements, sources and uses of funds
  • Operations-includes management, employees, equipment and facilities requirements

The great advantage:
No more unreadable ideas on napkins and scratch paper. This is the best way to start an organized business idea.

The good news:
The Business Idea Manger 1.0 is available for $0.99 in App Stores worldwide.

I hope, you guys, got inspired to create an interesting business app! Yet, if you just want to develop a new game, well then maybe you get me from my Fruit Ninja addiction to another game addiction, and you will end up as a millionaire!
Finally, to end with Mike’s words:

“Technology today is a pool of one great business idea after another. You just have to look for it.”


2 Responses to “Let’s get creative!”

  1. Xteena May 28, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    Hey rosepanama!

    Thank you for your blogpost, it was really fun to read it!

    I really liked that you included another blogger’s opinion and showed how easy it actually can be to create my own app! Really cool!

    Moreover, I love this link between business and technology which you have summed up in the end with Mike’s quote. I totally agree with your conclusion and share your and Mike’s opinion that technology is constantly providing business possibilities! So true!

    What I would have really been interested in, would have been some more examples of successful business apps whose inventors are millionaires now.

    However, this is just a tiny point of criticism;)

    All in all, perfectly suitable topic and great blogpost!

  2. juleswilma June 9, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    Hi Rose,

    I just love your post! It is very suitable for our generation and especially our business applications class because you showed how information systems can be applied to business and that people actually make a lot of money with it.
    I really like your very personal introduction where you explain your addiction to “Fruit Ninja” which is a great hook to make the people interested in what you are going to talk about next. I also like that you created different subheadings which made it easy to follow your post.
    Because first I thought this is going to take me some time to really understand how creating an app works but at the end of you post I was quite surprised that it is not as difficult as I thought it would be and that I actually understood it. That was mostly because you included that nice YouTube video and you listed some important points so that I didn’t have to read a bunch of text. You also included some links for further information which is a great idea because people how want to create an app will find more information there and you didn’t overload your post with maybe unnecessary information.
    So I’m really looking forward to your next posts! Well done!

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