Tell me your favourite airline! And I’ll tell you mine…

3 May

Imagine the following:

This is your first trip to California. It is a long flight, but you are excited. You have bought a new bikini and sun protection. You are ready to go! You’ve already made the long flight, you get off the plain, and you are waiting for your luggage…and you are waiting for your luggage…and you are still waiting for your luggage…”We are very sorry! Your luggage is still at Frankfurt Airport but we will send it to you as fast as possible!”

 Or even worse:

Imagine one of your best friends’ calls asking you to be her maid of honor on her wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding is the day you’ve already booked your flight to Spain. This will cost you 200 € (unless you can convince her to get married another day).

Never happened to you?

Then I guess you have been one of the lucky ones that have travelled exclusively with Southwest Airlines.

I discussed that topic with some friends.

What is it you dislike the most about flying?

That was the question I asked my friend Karin. To her it was very obvious. Most of the times she experienced a great deal of discomforts when travelling: delayed flights, long waiting time during stopovers, security delays, late luggage or even lost luggage, glumly flight attendants (especially at Lufthansa)… The list never stopped.

For those of you who think that inconveniences as the ones mentioned are unavoidable on vacation trips, just like my friend Karin:

Here comes Southwest Airlines!

Southwest offers a product that is highly competitive: travel! Choosing between a broad range of different airlines, I guess all of us would prefer travelling with one that provides maximal costumer service at low fares. The U.S. has eleven major airlines and Southwest Airlines is the one having the highest profit. And this has a reason!

Southwest’s costumer portrait:

As Anita states in her blog: Southwest has a very precise portrait of its costumers. They are value- and cost-conscious, mostly male, small business managers who don’t travel long distances. They desire low fares and frequent schedules to get home at time and see their families. Southwest Airlines knows: if you get your passengers to their destination on time, at low fares, and having a great time travelling; you can be quite sure that they are going to come back! However, it’s not only managers that travel with Southwest.

I spoke to my friend and blogger Sushi030 (check out her post about Southwest Airlines: German Nudity vs. American Humor) who has spent one year in the U.S. and she shared some of her own experiences with me:

“Personally, I really enjoyed the travel experience I had with Southwest Airlines and wish for such an unique service in Germany – a company that also rewards its customers for their loyalty.”

She is a huge fan of Southwest’s quick luggage drop off, free luggage service, low fares, direct flights, friendly staff and entertainment. Her flights have always been on time and it was easy for her to check-in. One time, her friend and she were heading over to the West Coast with Southwest Airlines and were very pleased by the friendly flight attendants and tasty quality snacks and food. My friend Sushi030 started laughing when she remembered how her friend and she did not know about the joke telling stewards. They thought that the two of them would have been the lucky ones to get served by an incredibly hilarious steward.

While other airlines make you struggle with a great deal of annoyances, such as the seemingly continuously increasing charges for luggage, Southwest Airlines provides free luggage transportation. “Bags fly free” is one of its compelling campaigns that make passengers return.

Southwest Airlines always puts its customers first! However, this is not were its amazing costumer service stops! Another campaign states: “no flight change fee”. In other words, this policy allows you to change the date of your flight without a severe reason and it won’t charge you extra. The “Rapid Reward” program is another advantage Southwest Airlines offers. Award miles used to expire every two years without exception. However, the airline improved its program so that customers can keep their award miles as long as they wish. Plus, if you want to redeem your miles there are no class restrictions or blackout dates.

Moreover, Southwest Airlines developed its own Southwest credit card, meaning that you can earn miles on your everyday expenses.

How does Southwest Airlines manage to offer all those costly services?

Its trick is to concentrate on a few popular destinations, such as Las Vegas, Boston,Chicago and Orlando. So especially for families who are planning a vacation and looking for low fares, Southwest Airlines is the best alternative. As one of the most innovative and smartest airline in the U.S. it is no wonder, that customers enjoy their time travelling with Southwest Airlines. Furthermore, Southwest Airlines is always searching for new possibilities to improve its customer service.

Wait a second; it is still looking how to improve its service?

Well, maybe that’s the reason why customers have always stayed loyal and why Southwest is so successful!


3 Responses to “Tell me your favourite airline! And I’ll tell you mine…”

  1. sushi030 May 7, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Hey Rose!
    I was really excited for your post to be published since I was curious what insights you will be sharing after our little talk.
    I really like how you directly addresses the reader within your heading – this conversational style of writing definitely caught my attention! I think it’s great that you maintained that throughout your post since it makes reading your text very enjoyable!
    You started with a story I think most people can refer to, even bringing it to the worst possible scenario – losing your luggage or having to pay for changing your flight! Using that sort of climax really supports your statement. Nevertheless, your tone of humor does not get lost – great choice of photo! I would love for you to include your photos more in your layout though- maybe to the right or left of your text flow? But then again, I love the structure of your post – subheadings really lead the reader through your text.

    Another great way of supporting your argumentation is referring to your friends’ experiences. And yet, you also found a way to turn your text into a post filled with information! Well done!

    • rosepanama May 7, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

      Thanks for your comment, Susi! I know what you mean, I’ll change the layout for the next blog post, so the photos will be a part of the whole picture:-)

  2. melissano18 May 8, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Hey Rose!

    I really enjoyed reading your post about Southwest Airlines! They seem to be such a great Airline with a very impressive customer service. I like how you started with an example as an introduction for the whole post. This makes it even more interesting for the reader and he or she knows exactly what the text is about.
    Also the personal experience of the blogger Sushio30 gave the whole text a personal touch. I liked how you also put some quotations in there. The pictures underline your point of view!
    Your post about customer service gave me the idea for my next blog entry to focus also on customer service of another company.
    After this post I think I just have to fly with Southwest Airlines!Great post and I am looking forward to your next post!

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