Great technology & wonderful system

1 May

The new technologies bring people forward. We can find it in many spheres of our social world of work- in hospitals, schools and at airports! Let´s take a closer look at the airports…

Every day thousands of people are landing at airports or departing- people with different mentalities and language. The airlines have to provide the best service to stick in customer’s memory, because satisfied customer will surely once again fly with the airline. One of the technological innovations that benefit the airlines is a self-check in service. This allows avoiding standing in queue and gives more time for shopping!


Another very successful idea is pictogram. The Austrian Otto Neurath developed a system of pictograms for the first time in 1936. Pictogram should be clear, precise and easy to understand regardless of culture and language. In 1972 Neurath created a complete route system of pictograms for the Munich airport, which was internationally understood and is used until today! Thanks to the great technology and a wonderful system we are not losing time anymore with waiting in lines and searching around. Now we can turn our attention to the finer things in life.



One Response to “Great technology & wonderful system”

  1. tankennethhh May 2, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    I hadn’t noticed it until you brought it up how important Pictograms are in our daily lives. Though we may take it for granted, I think it is amazing how something can be so simple yet revolutionary.

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