ZARA, H&M and MANGO quality check

23 Apr

I read many articles about bad quality of Zara´s clothes, but I couldn´t believe it. Since I myself buy clothes there and I never had quality problem with Zara. So this weekend I decided to go to Mango, H&M and Zara and check the clothes out!

In each store I looked for similar clothes. And I have found them – a black dress, jacket and blouse. Every item I checked for stains, holes and buttons coming out, zipper and stitching.

And this is what I saw 0.0

First shop I went to was H&M

I have to say I was really surprised; all pieces were well stitched, I could zip and unzip the dress easily – no problems with the Zipper. All of the buttons were sewed on tight without any thread excess. One thing I didn´t really like was the fabric of a couple of clothes. For example blouses (if they are not cotton) tend to cling to the body like balloon can stick to the wall.  If the clothes don´t stick they are actually great, because most of them are made of organic- cotton. H&M´s sustainability work is one of the largest in the fashion industry. Organic cotton has the same high quality as conventional cotton and it is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Also the farmers benefit from organic cotton. This is good for their healthiness, sinks the use of costly chemicals and is great for the environment. All in all nice quality for low price!

Read more about it:


The second store of my exploration was Mango

First of all I tried some blouses to see if they also cling to the body- and them didn´t. My first plus point was given. I also found a similar black dress without any protruding threads. Second plus point for Mango. Another dress had some, but since it was knitted, and I really had trouble to find thread excess I decided to give Mango the third plus point. Compered to H&M the prices are definitively higher, but some clothes cost exactly the same and look similar too. The quality is also great.


Last but not least I went to ZARA

I didn´t had look around a lot, because each piece had looked as if it was not finished. I just took similar pieces into a fitting room and took my pictures.  Every item had shortcomings.  Even the zipper doesn´t worked well. I´ve read in a Blog that after just one wash a T-Shirt looked like you´ve been wearing it forever. The prices for this low quality are too high.

 But the sad part about all this is- I would nevertheless still buy things from the store. I just like groovy clothes from ZARA. Things from the collections are always gorgeous, they just look chick, elegant and some of them timeless.  And ZARA´s Management knows about that:

 “Consumers would rather care for the style of some clothes that their quality…”

Cui Hongbo, a senior partner of United Wisdom



2 Responses to “ZARA, H&M and MANGO quality check”

  1. janastaub April 25, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    Hey angi, I like the way you presented your quality experience with the store. And I have made similar experience. In a Zara store I have often seen clothes which were already damaged, which is a shame because actually I also like many of the Zara clothes. In H&M I have also often seen damaged clothes or damaged jewelry. And lots of clothes are made with polyacryl and sold for a high price, which is not okay, because polyacryl is a relatively cheap material. I am sometimes making some clothes on my own this is why I am interested in these quality issues and so I was also interested in this what you write here. Nice blog ! 😉

  2. rosepanama April 25, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    You have done a great research! I like that you actually went to the stores to have the quality-check done by yourself! Also I find it fantastic that you’ve taken your own pictures to underline your argumentation.
    It’s great that you compare three famous retailers, that we all go to or at least I go to.
    Very intresting was that you found out, that H&M uses organic cotton. This is something I would definitely learn more about. Maybe you can write another article that covers this topic in detail;)

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