The ZARA display windows

23 Apr

Besides the lot of different interesting facts about ZARA, the most amazing thing for me is that they actually do not have any advertisement. However this is wrong! ZARA indeed does not have any printed advertisement such as posters or brochures, but they promote themselves through their display windows. So how can they be so successful only with a few windows that just show some of their clothes?

When I started thinking about the display windows of ZARA, I got to the definition of a display window: A display window is a window in a shop displaying items for sale or otherwise designed to attract customers to the store (Wikipedia). Definitely ZARA sets their focus on the second characteristic of display windows. They want to attract the customers to the store, because this is the only advertisement for them. Instead of paying a lot of money for printed advertisement they invest this money and a huge amount of time into the design of the display windows. It is not just a way of presenting the most outstanding pieces of their new collection. For ZARA the display windows are a way of powerful communication to the customer. But who is in charge of the shop windows?

It all happens in La Coruña (Spain), where the headquarters of Inditex called “The Cube”, who is the fashion group that owns ZARA, is based. In the lower floors of the headquarters is a display unit provided, which consists of 25 full-size store windows with display platforms and variable lightning. Special teams of designers try to invent new shop-window-looks there and analyze how the store windows will look like on a bright day or at night. This display unit is called “Fashion Street” and is similar to a laboratory, where store constructions, window displays, and merchandising are evaluated and tested. Once a shop window design is approved, they are sent out to the stores. Paris as well as New York and also Berlin-all stores worldwide have to adapt to the chosen display window design. However the product line can be different from store to store, but the window designs have to be the same everywhere.

So now we know how ZARA creates the shop windows. The whole process shows that it is very significant for them to find the best designs and that they put a lot of work into it. Apparently this is the right way. ZARA sells a lot of clothes and is therefore very successful. Thus for them it works out not to print any advertisement but use the shop windows as a special product for their advertising. But how do customers react to the specialty of the display windows?

For me a perfect shop window is designed, when I walk by and stop, because it is so wonderful. Of course there are several things that have an impact on the customer’s behavior: the colors, the light, the price, often also the music that we hear and many other things. ZARA manages it very well to bring those things together and to get the customer attracted to the store. I personally think that other stores should also invest more money into the display window design instead of printing all the advertisement. For me this fact makes ZARA even more special. All the work ZARA puts into the window design pays off, because a lot of customers walk by like I do and think: “Wow, this looks so great! I just have to go inside!”


3 Responses to “The ZARA display windows”

  1. sabrinacz April 24, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    It is quite impressive, how stylish Zara´s display windows are! When researching about Zara, did you hear or read something about any stores that have a similar marketing strategy? If not, what do you think, why don´t other stores copy this strategy, as it seems to be pretty successful?

  2. rosepanama April 30, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

    Hey Melissa!
    Thank you for your great post! I really enjoyed reading it as you write it in a very smooth way and end your paragraphs with questions that made me think about what I’ve just read. Providing a definiton of what you present contributes to your well structured argumentation.
    When I read about ZARA for the very first time I thought it wouldn’t use advertisements at all.
    However, you proved otherwise. I didn’t know that it uses their window displays to make their customers stop and give them the incentive to enter its shop.
    I really liked how you bring in your experiences and your own opinion.
    After reading your post, I past by a ZARA shop and I totally agree that its display windows are very appealing!
    Can’t wait to read your next post!

  3. angi2012 May 28, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    Hi Melissa,
    through your blog post I’ve learned that you can advertise through lovely shop window. Thank you! You’ve done a good research. I have often wondered why KaDeWe in Berlin makes no ads like Douglas or Karstadt, now I know-they advertise through the beautiful windows. The concept is the same as at ZARA, here you go sabrinacz there are other stores with the same strategy 😉

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